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Understanding Personal Tax

Learnings from this Webinar


Take a macroeconomic view of future tax rates


Look at tax calculation flow from paycheck to 1040


Do a quick income tax calculation


Review key changes from TCJA law


Touch on miscellaneous tax topics

In fact, here's just a sample of

what we'll answer for you on this incredible webinar:


How does an IUL or Annuity investment work?


How to create a self-sponsored pension plan that behaves like social security?


How to implement a tax-free retirement strategy?


How to protect your assets and retirement income against inflation?


What are the facts and costs related to long-term care?


How to double your money in 10 years with a guarantee for folks 55 or older?

.. and much, MUCH More!

Our Promise!

Our Promise!

 No Theory

Everything you're about to discover in this live webinar is backed by real-world results. No hype and no theory. 10+ years of research and 100's of successful participants.  

Never Taught Before

The training you're about to receive is brand new, cutting edge and has never been taught outside of FinCrafters' inner circle.

No Fluff

Karthik gets straight to the point and gives you real-world, actionable items that you can start implementing on your financial profile. 

Meet Your Host!

Karthik Ethirajan​
​Principal, FinCrafters


FinCrafters began as a personal passion that turned into a professional pursuit. I relish deriving insights using quantitative approaches. I enjoy pairing down complex abstract ideas to simple practical insights and communicating them. For example, how do you holistically think about savings, taxes, investments, retirement needs, etc. with personal situations such as college or estate planning factored in? I agonize over strategizing such scenarios.

I am an engineer by training and through business education from Cornell and management consulting experience learned how to think holistically, work analytically, while also being practical and able to communicate well.



Chitra Purohit

Sr. Business / Systems Analyst, Franklin Templeton

“Karthik has always offered sound financial advice based on my investment objectives and personal needs. His ability to distill insights from complicated financial matters is commendable. He backs up his advice with extensive research. He picked the best performing IUL plan to improve my tax-free investments profile.”

Veronica Colmenar

Supply Chain Professional, Gilead Sciences

“Karthik is my trusted financial advisor and planner. He is very knowledgeable and keeps up to date with the latest financial products and tax laws. He is committed to helping people realize their retirement goals. He gave me a financial check up and as a result created a comprehensive retirement plan to help me allocate and invest my funds in a tax efficient manner. After working with Karthik, I feel I’m better prepared for my retirement.”

Madhu Gowda

Principal Agent, Ozone Insurance

“I have known Karthik for several years. As an agent myself, I often find myself discussing tax-optimized retirement strategies with him. I trust his research and analysis to sift out the best performing financial product in the market. I strongly recommend Karthik for planning your specific retirement scenario.”

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