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Online Calculator

Retirement Planning Calculator

Calculate how much you could withdraw in retirement based on your current income, savings and the value of your existing assets. By using this tool, you will:


An investment growing at ~7% CAGR will double every decade, using the asset growth Rule of 72.

Online Calculator

Mortgage Loan Qualification Calculator

Calculate the maximum home loan you could qualify for based on your income and recurring monthly liabilities. By using this tool, you will:


Engineering Your Tax-Free Retirement

We first learn how inflation, taxes, compounded growth and volatility impacts wealth. We then look at a macroeconomic view of Social Security and Medicare, followed by a framework to optimally allocate your savings to various tax buckets and review investment options designed to generate tax-free stable income streams during retirement. Using an engineer as a sample working professional, we take you through the investment profile of a working and retirement life, incorporating changes in income and expenses.

Your Financial Planning Essentials

All you need to know about personal finance – nothing more, nothing less!  We have taken the gist of various topics in personal finance and presented the insights to you here in bite-size format. Topics covered include real estate, college, personal and business taxes, portfolios, investments, estate and retirement.


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